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You. Are. A. Boss!

"Always wear sexy lingerie.  Others may not see it, but trust me, they feel it." These sessions are typically used for your significant other, special occasion gifts, etc. But at the end of the day, these are for YOU.  You are beautiful, sexy and a queen!! Let's slay & do the damn thing!  I also offer couples boudoir sessions! Intimate & playful, these sessions are always a blast!! 


While I specialize in lifestyle photography, I find passion in being the ultimate hype man for women to channel their inner badass & gain their confidence with boudoir! 


For indoor sessions, there are several locations that I utilize in both Colorado Springs & Denver.  These locations would have an additional fee (fees may vary depending on studio).  Feeling adventurous and wanna get outdoors & show the world whatcha got, let's do it!! 

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